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Here is just a brief note about who I am and why I started this blog.

My life started in 1974 and today I’m a IT Project Manager at beaconware, the company which I cofounded with my buddy Troels.

In my spare (but scarce) time I am attending the IT University in Copenhagen, where I am studying e-business.

I am also a volunteering activity manager in a Public Relations group that Red Cross in Copenhagen where my role is to try and build up the group of volunteering professionals so that hopefully a lot of people in Copenhagen will get to hear about all the great work that is done by the local branch of Red Cross.

So you can see, I’m hard at work trying to keep up with all of my obligations and exciting tasks. I’m trying to juggle a lot of different projects which is why I’m very aware of the benefits of refining the digital tools which I use to stay organized (digitally). Okay, and it’s also a hobby of mine to keep up with the development of personal productivity tools, social networking sites, etc.

Anyways, I will try to only write something when I think that I have some kind of personal angle on things and not solely because something new has happened (this is not a promise!). Hope that you will find your visit here has brought you something, and hope that you will contribute with any insights or comments that might help me also as I am moving along.


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