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CRM / Mail-management

July 14, 2008

I’m working on a small project for a client, in which I need a simple CRM/mail-management program.

The requirements are:
1. Must to be able to handle customized form-submission
2. Needs to be extremely simple!
3. Assignment of mail to groups of people
4. Ticket/case management
5. Anti-spam!

We’re using fogbugz internally at beaconware, which works great for software projects. But I’m not so sure that it’ll be as good in a more sales-oriented scenario.

Right now I’m looking at:
– Sproutit Mailroom (I like that they have made some steps towards integration with basecamp)
– Cerberus Helpdesk (Looks a bit cluttered)
– Highrise (of course!)
– Zoho CRM (might be too complicated for this scenario)

I’m basically working my way through this list:

But since it’s a year old, a lot might have changed since. Anyone out there got any other suggestions?


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