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Taking it to Word

May 17, 2008

I’m going old school on the report now. Writing it in a wiki wasn’t all that I had hoped for, or rather while i did free me from thinking about things in a particular order that’s excactly what I need now and I need to be able to see the whole thing together now.

Maybe I should have picked MediaWiki instead because it makes certain things easier (such as citing sources) and there might have been some cool third party tools that could have helped me visualize the stuff I had gathered, but I didn’t have time to find hosting and such.

If I’m allowed, I will of course post it here. Not that I think that it will necessarily be the next best thing to sliced bread, but in the spirit of what I’ve been doing it only seems logical.

This will also be my last post for now, if anyone should by accident stumble upon this blog and wonder what’s goin’ on…


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  1. My friend did a stuff up at uni… he gave his report to his friends and now he has to re-do the whole thing… I called him stupid

    • Yeah, I decided to not post it, even though I think it would have been ok with my teacher. Even though I got a good grade, it really was my oral defense that saved it. The report itself couldn’t stand alone. But thanks for commenting.

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