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My teacher has now been invited :-o

May 14, 2008

I have now invited Leif Bloch Rasmussen, who is the lektor that’s going to read the paper, to have a look at the wiki.

Things are progressing although not as fast as I might have hoped…

Tomorrow I’m going to interview a company which I’ll be using as a case study in the report. That should be quite interesting.

My strategy is still the same, and I’m scrambling to include enough material in order to be able to make some useful abductions. Well, actually it’s quite difficult to NOT make lots of conclusions and reasonings all the time while I’m reading and writing. So what’s challenging is, probably to no surprise, the (un)selection process. The process of selecting and deselecting things to include and exclude. And because it’s not just supposed to be my own personal ramblings, but of some academic value I have to make sure that sources are correct and that the sources hold at least a minimum of credibility. On the other hand there is a built in conflict of choosing sources that are too established when trying to write something that is supposed to be just a little bit innovative and different, so that’s turning out to be a challenge as well. But this mixture is the whole point of the thing! Actually the thing itself (the report) is the point of the thing (the report).

Storytelling is at the heart of it all. I’m consciously trying to limit my personal views and comments on the things I’ve written and just stick with the facts of what others have said. So I’m not trying to say whether I agree with a certain view or not or what I think that something might mean (yet). Those points will be added in later (saturday or sunday perhaps?). Although of course I already have a good idea of where I’m going.

Right now I can’t decide whether to include some more stuff about the traditional economy. Traditional concepts such as scarcity, supply and demand, etc. are important for the understanding of alternate concepts, but might be so well know to most that it’s not necessary. Heureka! Writing this made me realize that I could include them in the definitions section.

Well not to worry (too much). I will make it, and my hope is to be done by Sunday with the bulk of the thing. What remains after that will hopefully be a very short long tail…

Speaking of long tails, after this is over I’m definitely going to read “The Long Tail” and “The tipping point”.

Well, back to writing the other thing, writing this just flow too easily!


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