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Goin’ to BarCamp…

January 22, 2008

Alright, so I’ve signed up as a speaker at BarCamp Copenhagen ( It’s not a big deal (I tell myself), nevertheless I think it is an incredibly exciting opportunity to meet with and hopefully learn from other techies. The basic premise is that particpants must be prepared to share! I like that!!

And since the second rule of barcamp is that You Do Blog About BarCamp I thought I’d have to write something!!

So this won’t be about serving information just one way, it’ll be about information exchange and seeding new ideas. I mean, I certainly hope that I can contribute constructively with something, should anyone actually choose to spend 15 minutes with me. But I also hope that those people will be prepared to participte actively.

The theme for my 15 minute session will be “Social Economy and ICT”. I’m going to try and explain why I think ICT (or just IT) can play and already plays a crucial role in enabling a new kind of economy that is NOT monetary. That maybe there could be other kinds of motivation for humans to act and work than the good old coin.

Now just a brief brush-up on who I am and why this has my interest. I’m 33 years old, and I have a bachelors degree in “Technical Science” from the Technical University of Denmark. My daytime occupation is as the co-founder and 50% part of the dynamic duo behind beaconware, which is a (very) small two-person worldwide IT-company with International Headquarters in Copenhagen :-). Actually this is the place where BarCamp is going to be held. In my spare time I sing gospel and volunteer in a small group of PR professionals for the local branch of Red Cross in Copenhagen. All of these activities help shape my thinking in various ways and it is the sum of these thoughts that I will try my best to present on Friday.

That’s it for now, a little more than a three-word-intro (4th rule of BarCamp) but a lot less than my whole life story ;-). Feel free to comment (should anyone actually read this). For instance, if anyone has any suggestions as to how I should tag this post, please comment. I don’t think I quite get what would be relevant…

Hope to see You there!

Best wishes from Allan


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